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Tratamiento por goteo en peces que presenten síntomas de infección en branquias.
Para peces cultivados en canales: disolver en agua a una concentración de seis a doce partes por mil mg/l y aplicar por goteo, por un periodo de 60 minutos. Para su aplicación en estanques: utilizar una concentración menor a seis (6) mg/l en peces que pueden ser afectados por la calidad del agua.

Para mejores resultados se recomienda disolver, el Chloramine T en agua caliente antes de aplicarlo. Igualmente es aconsejable realizar antes un tratamiento con sal común al 0,1 %.


  1. Ninate


    Hi Christie,Having started in this field as a child, I’m blown away by Kingsnake and relaetd resources. I think you’ll find one. My guy imports from Europe, doesn;t deal with toads but I thought he might point me in the rt direction; I’m not sure about the regs there, but could find out if need be.I may be able to send a list of herp vets in Canada if you need perhaps one will be nearby (then again, given Canada’s size!).Re intelligence, a series of photos I saw in a book as a child stayed with me, re an experiment with a southern toad and bees and bee mimics. i wrote about it, but search engine on blog is not great..I’ll send it sometime. I’ve seen Marine Toads come to the back door of our station in Costa Rica at same time each night, push open door, and feed on insects attracted by light. Plenty of other stories. and 2 linked at end deals with learning in reptiles.Was it the AZ-Sonora Desert Museum?Thanks for the interesting comments, Best, Frank

  2. Alperen


    Hi Christie,Thanks so much for the kind words. The European Green Toads I’ve kept arrived via zoo cennahls. I did a quick google search and found some US suppliers who list them, but I did not recognize any of the names so cannot comment on reliability. Keeping an eye on should also be useful. If nothing turns up, let me now and I’ll contact a friend who imports European salamanders; perhaps he will have a source. So much variety on a basic body plan I had hoped to devote a major section of one amphib area at the Bx to toads, but interest is not all that high in the zoo world. While in Japan, I came across the Japanese Toad check some photos when you have a moment.Enjoy, Best, Frank

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